There are 40 teachers. Each of them teaches 18 lessons (1 lesson = 55 min) per week or more. They teach only 1 subject! They must have a master degree but they studied “just” one subject.

Maison de personnel / Staff house

All teachers of the school share one big house “maison de personnel” where they can discuss all their problems and together prepare their lessons. It’s their common office. And! It’s also the place where my apartment is! So yes, I am surrounded by all the super nice, kind and hyper active teachers all the time! I am so lucky!

School day starts at 8:25. It’s the time when teachers leave their office, so they don’t have to be in the classroom right at 8:25! So they usually come to class around 8:30. People used to tell me: “As a teacher, it’s the best if you enter the classroom when the bell rings.” No way! It doesn’t work like this in here.

During break, they do not have to monitor children. There is special staff that looks after children. Teachers are therefore quite far away from all the hustle and bustle of the school. This staff also helps children to cross the street. Counter-terrorism strategy makes all teachers lock every room and every building when they leave it. There are tutors / security people in front of every building so no strangers can enter the school.

Here I have my coffee every day!
Maison de personnel / Staff house

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